NISIM Fast Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I have started this post approximately seventeen times, and for whatever reason I am never quite satisfied with it. But I have told myself that I WILL post it tonight no matter what that little meanie voice in the back of my head wills me to do. So if you are reading this right now, then YAY! GO ME FOR ACTUALLY POSTING! Haha! But anyways, on with my review of one of the best beauty purchases I have ever made.

A few months ago I purchased the F.A.S.T Shampoo and Conditioner duo from NISIM because I have forever been struggling with the inner desire for longer hair. I always tell myself “just two more inches, and I’ll be satisfied” but once those two more inches grow, my ends are so dead that I absolutely  refuse to go another day without a much-needed hair cut. And so the cycle continues and my hair maybe grows .03828 of an inch each year. But I have finally found the solution to my problem with my very loved F.A.S.T Shampoo and conditioner.

I have yet to finish my first bottles, and I have seen a good 2 inch and a half in hair growth! I am way to excited about this! While I would still like my hair to grow longer, I know that I can achieve long, luscious locks with the help of this dynamic duo.

Both the shampoo and conditioner smell quite lovely and are extremely easy to use. I would describe the scent as one that is common for drug store shampoos, so nothing quite special, but unlike other hair growth products, it is not unpleasant. The shampoo lathers quite nicely, and I have found that a little goes a long way. It is by no means a clarifying shampoo, so on those days when my hair really needs the extra dose of clean, I typically pair it with another random shampoo I have in my shower caddy. The conditioner has a medium-thick consistency, but I haven’t noticed it weighing my hair down dramatically. It is quite hydrating and my hair always feels super soft after I use it! I wouldn’t say that the shampoo is hands down the BEST shampoo I’ve ever used, or that the conditioner is hands down the BEST conditioner I’ve ever used, but keep in mind that I did not buy these products for every day use. I purchased these products so that they would provide me with sufficient hair growth, and trust me, they have lived up to the high standards set by every review I read before I purchased!

To help you visualize how much this product increased my hair growth, you might want to know that my hair barely grows on its own. It is naturally super fine, although I have a lot which adds some thickness, but not much. Now that I have been using FAST, my hair has not only gotten longer, but it’s gotten thicker. But if you have thick hair already, I don’t think you will get the same effect. I read many reviews before purchasing and the only reviews that alluded to an increase in thickness were those who began with thin hair.

I am absolutely in LOVE with FAST. It is a great product, and I will definitely repurchase when I feel the need to grow my hair longer. I am so amazed with my results, and so I just HAD to share my love with all of you! And in case you don’t believe me about how much I love this stuff, I just purchased the duo to give as a Christmas to one of my closest friends Bethany, because she too always wants longer hair! She used mine once and was instantly hooked. Trust me, and Bethany, this stuff is worth it!

I don’t think it makes any difference, but just for reference, I purchased the sulfate, DEA, and paraben free version.


Also, and this is totally off topic, please go listen to The Tragic Thrill’s debut self-titled album! It is available on iTunes, and you can stream the entire album off of YouTube. I have been a fan of them for a while, but I must say, this new band is wonderful! I am obsessed, so if you have a few free minutes, please go check them out! I can’t promise you won’t be disappointed, because everyone’s music taste is different, but I will say that they are very talented and down to earth if that counts for anything! (My favorite songs are Everyday, Main Girl, Gospel, and Alive)

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