Masque Bar Anti Blemish Mud Mask Review

As of late, my skin has been at it’s worst. My forehead being the most troublesome area of my skin, is covered in small red bumps. My skin has not been this bad since 7th grade when I had no idea what a toner even was. So in my panic mode, I rushed off to target to find a quick solution to my skin woes, and I found one! The Masque Bar by Look Beauty Anti Blemish Mud Mask!


The package comes with four, individual pouches that can each be used once, or if you are savvy and can re-seal the packaging, can be used multiple times. Due to it being a mud mask, the product does dry up, so I don’t recommend planning on using one pouch for more than one use.

Unlike most drugstore acne products, this mask does not contain salicylic acid. The key ingredients, or I assume they are the key ingredients because they are featured on the front of the package are kaolin, tea tree (oil), and vitamin A. Due to the lack of salicylic acid, I have finally found an acne product that does not irritate my face! Trust me, this mask works wonders without an active ingredients that cause you to have to moisture mask the night after! Also, this mask does not contain alcohol, which you may or may not know, is a key ingredient in most products that claim to de-oil your face. With this mask, my skin stays perfectly matte, without the harsh after effects of using alcohol on the skin.

My skin is so sensitive that I have to get the extra gentle version of Cetaphil because it cannot handle the everyday version. So as you can imagine, finding products to treat my breakouts can be a struggle. I am so fortunate to have found the Anti Blemish Mud Mask from the Masque Bar by Look Beauty. The product applies quite smoothly, and is very easy to wash off. Unlike other mud masques, I do not get an overwhelming sensation, just a slight tingle on my face. This product does wonders for my skin and I highly recommend it. In store you can buy it in packages of four pouches, which is the perfect amount for one month, but if you prefer you can buy three months supplies on

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